Rebecca Lynn Craig

Rebecca Lynn Craig is one of Candor’s badass writers and columnists as well as an obnoxiously enthusiastic member of Candor’s editorial team! When she isn’t writing, she’s loving life with her partner, Andrew and their daughter, Marceline. The three of them live with their quirky cats, Moxie and Eva, in Illinois, somewhere between Chicago and bumfucknowhere.

In addition to her passion for supporting small businesses and creators, Rebecca is also a bonafide embroidery goddess and curates creative and cheeky hand embroidered pieces at Thread Fox Handmade Goods and more recently, Emboudoir, where she uses her art to celebrate all bodies in their truest and most honest forms!
In her art and in her writing, you can see the truest reflections of Rebecca’s heart: Loving others, loving yourself, and doing both boldly.

The way to Rebecca’s heart is through sushi, dark chocolate, quoting The Office and at least pretending not to mind when she sings along with every song she hears.


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