You don’t have to parent alone

It often catches parents off guard when they realize just how isolating parenting can feel. When you have your first baby, you phase out of one parenting group and are lost without a new group to lean in to. You are solely responsible for a new, tiny human, and your world revolves around their needs. At each new phase of parenting, it can become apparent that you’re standing on your own and making sure your crew stays alive.

One thing I know for sure is that parents who are “othered” struggle with this on an entirely different level. You’ll know you’re Othered when you’re not quite like the Other Parents. Maybe you’re neurodiverse, maybe your kid has a health diagnosis you never imagined you’d face, or maybe your strong desire for all families in the United States to have equal rights makes you a pariah. However you, Other Parent, have ended up at Candor Magazine, just know that I’m glad you’re here. I accept you, and you can rest assured that the entire Candor community embraces you for who you are. 

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