One kickass editor in chief

Hey friends, my name is Bethany and I’m a mom to three kids with one on the way. Parenting got a little weird for me after I divorced a pastor in 2016. I remember moving into my first apartment with two kids, my work laptop, and a backpack full of clothes. We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with our fingers the first night and sipped our milk out of tiny Pixie cups. I knew then that the winds were changing and that the path was about to get a little windy.

After starting to date again, I got pregnant with a little Tinder baby when I was about to roll into my thirties. Oops! Pastor’s wife to Tinder Baby scandal. That little bundle of sweet baby goodness was the thing that shifted my perspective. I never saw things the same again, and I realized then how alone I was in the parenting world.

Candor Magazine was born in 2018, it was the gift I found in the pain of life lessons that came when I decided that I had to live my truth. This is a place for parents who have been through it and are ready to share their stories too. Together, we’re heading into year two and raising our glasses to many more of truth-speaking and community. Cheers!

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